The workshop will start with tours of the local architecture of Gambia and talking to the local people to gain awareness and knowledge of the local building traditions. Taking into account the site conditions and discussions from site-specific tours, the workshop team will review the design entry, complete the design process and build their proposal. Most evenings will be used for reviewing workshop progress along with informal discussions on topics and portfolio presentations by Workshop Leader and international participants. Design, site-specific issues, and construction strategy are all debated in an effort to create useful structure that is environmentally sustainable and meet local needs. And by engaging in field trips to observe local architecture and working on the building project with local builders, the international participants are exposed to Non-Western ways of thinking and doing in earth architecture.

The programmatic areas of the vocational training program include :

  • Fashion Design and Production : Weaving, tie and dye, batiking and sewing for local and international fashion markets.

  • Theatre Performance and Filmmaking

  • Art Studio (painting, sculpture, etc.)

  • Building Arts (mud house design, construction and landscaping)

  • Fabrication lab (wood workshop, metal workshop, recycling shop, fabric shop)

  • We hope to include more sustainable programs as we grow with the community.

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